Bottom-line financial reporting with Clarity Analytics

Clarity Analytics is a financial reporting service for businesses that need clear, concise, and customized financial information and reporting.

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Our services can help capital markets firms

Reconciliation and Allocation

Improve operation efficiency and accuracy, while reducing risk, with our Trade Allocation and Reconciliation services.


Whether it is speciality reporting involving separate position and income reports for traders executing trades in one acccount or cutom reporting to specifically meet your needs, Clarity has you covered.

Trader Accounting

Transparency and accuracy are the focus when you signup for Clarity to provide trader accounting including computation of profit splits.


Centralized crypto currency position and income reporting for your firm or trading groups.

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Always get clear, concise and customized financial reporting.

Amazing reports that turn your data into visible and sensible analytics.


Get clear visibility into your financial information.

Fast Delivery

Your financial reporting will be delivered fast and accurate to the frequency you require.

Technology is King

A technology first platform that is consistently improving to provide unparallel service.

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“With Senex and XonaSoftware joining forces it will improve an already solid line of services and open the door to offering additional products to meet the needs of a fluid industry.”

Jeff McKinley

Rockstar — Clarity Analytics
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“The joint venture between XonaSoftware and Senex solutions merges world-class reporting and accounting software with best of breed automation to deliver back office services second to none.”

Dave Carnal

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“The partnership between Senex Solutions and XonaSoftware is a perfect match of automation and back office services to support the evolving needs of capital markets operations.”

Mike Mazzolini

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About our company

For companies in time pressured industries, moving from in-house back office accounting systems to an outsourced service model can provide better analytical insights, lowers risk and reduces costs.

Clarity Analytics is a joint venture between Senex Solutions, LLC and XonaSoftware that integrates their technologies to provide fully automatic financial services to capital markets firms.