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Determine your savings potential by combining all your firm's trading activity into one account or by establishing sub-accounts at the exchange
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About the Bitcoin exchange rebate calculator

Many exchanges offer discounts on trading fees as volume increases. This Bitcoin exchange fees calculator provides a way for traders to see how much money in USD can be saved when executing orders under a single account.

How to use the Bitcoin exchange rebate calculator?

In the calculator above, simple:

  • Select the exchange: Binance, Kraken or BitMEX.
  • Enter the volume in BTC that your entire group trades. NOTE: many exchanges calculate volume over the last 30 days.
  • Enter the number of traders in your organization.
  • Press the Equals key.

You will instantly see an estimated savings amount, if you were trading by group.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any exchange. The projected savings are estimates and actual saving may differ. Each firm’s situation is unique and other factors apply. We strongly encourage each firm to compute their own applicable rebate.